I Love You, I Do

Recorded Live at Ricalton's Village Tavern on 1/26/15

Running time: 2:33 min

Music and Lyrics by Henry Krieger and Tom Eyen

Performed by Cadence Owensby


Could Be Love

Running Time: 3:12 min

Music and Lyrics by Aaron Michael Krueger

Performed by Cadence Owensby and Trevor Worden

Without You

Running Time: 1:47 min

Filmed by Laura Laureano

Accompanist: Adrian Ries

Without You (My Fair Lady)

Performed by Cadence Owensby at The Triad Theater (1/20/2018)

A Hypochondriac's Song

Recorded Live at 54Below on 2/24/17

Music & Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver

Choreography- Richard Hinds

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